If you are starting to plan for a custom home in the area, you will be pleased to know that there are many places to eat in Colorado Springs that are well-known for their high-quality cuisine. This Colorado Springs dining guide will help you find the best of the city as you plan your next meal out.

1. Four by Brother Luck

Four is owned by chef Brother Luck. He uses locally sourced foods to serve four-course tasting menus. It has many famous dishes, but the Bacon Jam Burger is a popular choice. This burger is topped with a sweet/salty bacon jam, pickles, cheese, and herb aioli. This restaurant also serves quite a few dishes made from wild-caught games, including rabbit green chili. The menu does change as the season’s change, making each dining experience unique. Visit for lunch to enjoy early bird specials, and be sure to order the Ute tribe blue cornbread during your visit.

2. Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar

If you have a hankering for seafood, Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar is a great choice. It is regularly voted one of the best restaurants in the Boulder and Denver areas. This downtown Colorado Springs eatery gets a daily shipment of Chesapeake Bay oysters to maintain the fresh tastes they are known for. In addition to oysters, they have snow crab, shrimp, and a cold raw bar sampler option.

3. Pizzeria Rustica

For pizza that’s about as authentic Italian as you can get, consider Pizzeria Rustica. This restaurant goes above and beyond by not only making their dough from scratch but also the mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. When they can, they use organic, sustainable farms for their ingredients and toppings as well. This restaurant also stands out because of its location inside a historic 1889 building, so the ambiance is amazing.

4. La Taverne

La Taverne is located in the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. It is slightly less formal than the other restaurants here, but definitely a good choice for date night. An indoor garden sets the stage for a great meal, and this restaurant serves beef from a local Colorado farm as well as a large selection of seafood. Diners can ask the server for the daily selection of cuts to get a truly fresh steak.

5. Walter’s Bistro

If you’re wondering what food Colorado Springs is famous for, bison would have to top that list. When Colorado was first settled, bison roamed freely throughout it, and today the people of Colorado still enjoy dining in bison meat. Walter’s Bistro offers bison served many ways, including a tasty bison Bolognese over pasta.

6. The Rabbit Hole

If you’re looking for 5-star dining in Colorado Springs, and want a truly unique experience, take a visit to The Rabbit Hole. This restaurant is unique because it is underground. You will walk down what looks like a set of subway steps only to find an eclectic restaurant experience. This restaurant’s flaming cocktail is a popular choice, and the rabbit meatloaf is also a unique option to consider. Come for the ambiance, but discover amazing food when you do.

7. Joseph’s Fine Dining

Though it has “fine dining” in the name, you won’t need a coat and tie to eat here. Among fine dining restaurants in Colorado Springs, this one is a more casual bent. However, it is still one of the best places to eat in Colorado Springs because of the quality of its food. The owner, who is also the chef, has been working here for over a quarter of a century. The restaurant occupies a two-story historic building and is known for its seafood and steaks. The escargot or the Chilean sea bass are two popular favorites.

8. Carlos’ Bistro

Though it looks unassuming on the outside, Carlos’ Bistro is definitely one of the most famous restaurants in Colorado Springs. In fact, it regularly gets rated the best in the entire state by Zagat. The food from Chef Carlos has a very Peruvian flair. This international flavor and the freshness of the food, including seafood, make this restaurant distinctive. When you visit, you’ll likely get a personal greeting from the owners themselves!

9. Prime 25

Prime 25 rounds out the list of the best restaurants in Colorado Springs, and it is also one of the most expensive. This steakhouse often has live music to go along with its steaks and seafood, for an elegant dining experience. Because of its popularity, you will want a reservation. If you are looking for a place to build a home in the Colorado Front Range, Colorado Springs is a great choice. As one of the area’s top custom home builders, Gowler Homes can help you make this come true. Build your own custom home, and make these best of Colorado Springs restaurants part of your regular routine.

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