If you’re looking for reasons to build a new custom home, there are plenty. A custom home, designed to suit your needs, desires, family size, and preferences are the best way to obtain that magical living space that will live in your dreams forever.

But the bigger question might be, “Where should I build my new custom home?” We’ll admit it, the team at Gowler Homes is a bit biased. We love living here. The people are warm, colorful, and friendly. The weather is excellent, and the natural beauty of the area is absolutely sublime. But those aren’t the only reasons.

Here are some reasons why we think you should build your custom home here in Monument.

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1. A Wonderful Sense of Community

There’s something about the area that seems to draw in people interested in clean living and neighborly communities. Maybe it’s the majestic mountains and the great outdoors. Maybe it’s the fresh air. We’re not sure why, but Monument just draws in terrific people.

2. Business Casual 9 to 5 Culture

Monument may be a relatively small and humble community, but there are lots of business and employment opportunities here. People are about getting things done in a sensible and no-nonsense way. They take their work seriously, but they keep it balanced. We think you’ll find it really refreshing.

3. Clean Air & High Quality of Life

If there’s one thing that absolutely will boost your health and quality of life, it’s clean, crisp, mountain air, and this is something Monument has even more abundantly than the bigger nearby cities like Denver and Colorado Springs. There are clear, medically established reasons for this. But suffice it to say that high-quality air and the beautiful natural environment will bring you out and keep you active, even as you approach retirement.

4. The Great Outdoors Make Staying Fit Fun

One of the main things that keep people from establishing a good exercise habit is the absence of fun and adventure. Running on treadmills is unnatural and working out in a gym is boring. Why do those things when you can bike a magnificent mountain trail or kayak down a crystal clear river in the Rockies near America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak? Monument is an access point to the Front Range via Mt Herman Rd, Rampart Range Rd and boasts miles of hiking and biking trails all accessible in just minutes from downtown Monument!

5. Natural Landmarks & Historic Sights

Take the family for a day out to see Monument Lake, Mount Herman, Spruce Mountain Open Space, or Fox Run. You can take a drive to the Garden of the Gods or visit the highly acclaimed United States Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs! There’s plenty to see. 

6. An Excellent School System

We’re quite proud to say that our local school system has been recognized as one of the best in the country. Test scores are objectively high among our students. (Once again, the clean, fresh air might have something to do with that.) But Colorado is also known for its high-quality colleges, many of which have campuses in Denver and Colorado Springs, right near Monument.

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7. Your Pets Will Thank You

Your pets bring fun and love into your life, and if you bring them to Monument they will absolutely thrive! Giving your pups the room to run which they crave and the crisp, clean air they need will help them live long healthy lives. Take them out to those aforementioned natural landmarks and parks. We promise you, they will appreciate it! Whether you’re looking for a new place for yourself, for you and a spouse or loved one, or if you’re interested in building a life for an entire family – Monument is one of the most wholesome and welcoming places in the United States. (At least, we think so.) If you’re new to the area or are a Coloradan looking for a great place to invest in property, get in touch with the local leaders in building Monument, Colorado homes here at Gowler Homes. Our team is eager to help.

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