Thinking about building a custom home in Castle Rock? It is a beautiful community to do so, but before making the jump into the world of custom-built homes there are a few expenses you need to know ahead of time. Starting from scratch instead of buying a new home comes with a handful of costs you might not have considered beyond contractors and building materials. So, when it comes to how much to build a house on your own land in Castle Rock, here is what you need to know.

Building/Land Expenses Of A Custom Home

If you already own the land, that’s one expense you don’t need to consider. Of course, if you haven’t purchased land, yet you’ll need to start there. Land in Castle Rock isn’t always the easiest to come by, at least when you want to build a custom home on it. Many available lots are owned by larger contractors, and while you can purchase the land from them, you’ll probably need to let them build the house, and these sub-division contractors generally offer limited bespoke house-building options. Due to this, individual custom home lots land in Castle Rock that allows you to bring your own builder is sparse and, with the rarity, comes with a higher price tag. Depending on the exact lot size and location (and if there are utilities already connected) you’re likely going to spend $200k or more for a custom home lot.

Speaking of utilities, when considering how much does it cost to build a house in Colorado you’ll need to know which utilities are available to your lot and how much it will cost you to get them there if they are not readily available. When purchasing land in a more planned development neighborhood, it is typical that the developer will have already installed municipal utilities to the lot.  If the utilities are already on-site (or at the street), and you just need to have everything connected, this is just a matter of paying tap fees and making the connections. If, however, you’re on the outskirts of town or in a more rural area, the availability of utilities is something that should be looked into before purchasing land so that you have an accurate estimate on what it will cost to extend utility connections to your build site.

What does this mean? It means you’ll need to pay to have the utilities connected to your house. For example, electrical service may need to be extended from the nearest infrastructure, which must be coordinated with the electric utility provider. This cost can easily be greater than $10,000, so knowing this upfront is important. Most rural properties are not served by a municipal water and sewer provider and you may be required to drill a well and install a septic system. Tap fees for Castle Rock water and sewer can range in the $25k-$40k ballpark.  Well costs can range from $15k-$55k and septic system costs can range from $12k-$30k

Development Fees and Permit Costs

Castle Rock has its own building department and fee structure. Understanding these permit fees and development costs upfront is critical to the budget. There are also many restrictions and overlays that may affect the cost to build a custom home in Castle Rock. These can include skyline restrictions, height restrictions, hillside restrictions, fire suppression requirements, etc. Total fees for a custom home in Castle Rock can easily range between $20k-$40k. Here is a link to the Town of Castle Rock’s fee structure:

Soils Tests and Excavation

Castle Rock has some gorgeous topography, and with those hills comes the potential for very rocky conditions under the surface of the ground.  We always recommend that you hire a geotechnical engineer to do a soils test during your due diligence phase of purchasing your land so that you understand what the soils conditions are.  A simple excavation on great soil may cost $10k-$15k, while it is not unheard of to spend more than $100k to excavate through rock. A soils test will usually cost between $1,200-$2,000 and is money well spent.

Cost to Build a Custom Home In Castle Rock, Colorado

There are many variables that factor into the final cost of building a custom home in Castle Rock, including topography, soils conditions, utilities, length of the driveway, the complexity of design, and level of finishes in the home. As a general ballpark,  the cost to build a custom home in Castle Rock in 2021 is going to be between $250 – $350 per square foot, not including land, but this can go up depending on the level of custom finishes you select. 

Helping You With Your New Home Construction in Colorado

If you are interested in building a custom home in or around Castle Rock, CO we would love to have a conversation with you. We’ll be happy to hear your needs and wants and answer any questions you may have as you research quality custom home builders in Castle Rock, CO. Give us a call or schedule a consultation!

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