The business landscape has evolved significantly over the past year as a result of COVID-19. However, even once the pandemic subsides, certain changes are expected to linger long into the future. 

Industries of all kinds are reevaluating the work-from-home model and how and when there’s an actual need for collective, brick-and-mortar office space. In this “new normal”, home offices are on the rise. Even if you aren’t working remotely as a professional, it can be helpful to have a workspace at your custom home in Colorado for filing taxes, using your computer, and doing other office-style tasks for your household

Office Ideas for Building a Home in 2021

While many people hurriedly set up an office space at home last spring, expecting the situation to be temporary, now is the time to stop and consider a more permanent solution. A well-thought-out home office is crucial to better focus and productivity, work-life balance, and your overall health and wellbeing. If you are planning to build a custom home in Colorado, a stylish and secluded home office should be high on the list of priorities.

Your ideal home office layout will depend primarily on what you do for work, the type of supplies and equipment you need, and your budget. As you’re planning and designing your 2021 home office in your new Colorado custom home, here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Custom Built-in Desk

built-in desk

If you work from home full time, you may want to invest in a permanent setup in your new custom home. A custom built-in desk is a great starting point because it allows you to fashion your workspace to your exact specifications. You can make the desk as large or small, short or high, as you like and include all the drawers, cubbies and shelves you’ll need for books, files and supplies. You can even measure the perfect desk height for your posture, or consider a custom built-in that is also adjustable!

2. Invest in a Good Chair

Office chair and desk

You may like to alternate between standing and sitting while you’re working, but you’ll still be spending a great deal of time in your chair, so you want to make it a good one. That means an ergonomic design and enough support to help prevent chronic health issues, like back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. While the price for a comfortable, adjustable chair may seem a bit steep—between $100 and $500—it’s worth it to protect your body’s wellbeing. Make sure your knees are level with your hips, your wrists can be straight with your hands at or below elbow level, and the top of your laptop or computer monitor is at eye level.

3. A Purposeful Color

green office wall with lantern light

Colors can impact your mood and performance, so think about what atmosphere is the best fit for your daily habits and overall professional life. If you work in a creative field, consider using greens and blues and incorporating plants and other biophilic design elements, as a connection to nature can stimulate creative thinking. If you have a high-stress job, you’ll probably want to aim for a calming environment with soft blues, grays or creams. Oranges, yellows and white hues are best for a cheery, uplifting environment. As you’re choosing decorations and accessories, keep in mind that the ideal office space should incorporate personal elements that motivate your work—such as photos, mementos, art or reminders of past achievements—without becoming cluttered or distracting.

4. Perfect Lighting

black classroom and office cone lighting fixtures

Optimal lighting is another key component for a custom home office in Colorado. You need good lighting to reduce eye fatigue and headaches. Plus, it can help with long-term productivity and your mood. Ideally, you should have a window in your home office to give you exposure to natural light throughout the day. If you’re building an addition onto your home, consider a sunroom. If you’re creating an office nook that doesn’t have access to windows, make sure there is a balance of indirect overhead lighting that doesn’t cast harsh glares and direct lights, like a desk lamp.

5. Block Out Noise

sliding barn door

No matter what part of your home you use for your home office, you’ll want to mitigate distractions. One of the biggest distractions is usually noise created by other household members or things going on outdoors. A few noise-mitigating options for your custom home office include installing a solid core door and a door sweep; sealing holes in the walls; installing acoustic panels; using carpeting or rugs; installing a drop ceiling with high-density insulation; and upgrading to double- or triple-pane windows. Noise machines and noise-canceling headphones can also help produce the right environment.

6. Set Up a Snack Area

home office tea coffee snack area

If you plan on being in your home office for hours on end, you want to make sure it has all the items you need, such as a mini fridge with snacks or a coffee and tea station. This saves you the time of taking trips to the kitchen and protects you from the numerous distractions just waiting to pull your attention away when you leave the office. Just make sure during the design process that you include enough electric outlets in your space to plug in your fridge, coffee maker or electric kettle, as well as all your devices and office supplies. It’s also helpful to have a bathroom directly adjacent to your home office.

Designing Your Home Office in Monument

Home offices come in all shapes and sizes, driven by a variety of factors. When you’re investing in a new residential office space, you want to make sure it’s perfectly tailored to your professional needs. 

Our team at Gowler Homes uses a comprehensive design-build approach to create personalized custom homes in the Colorado Front Range area. We can help you construct a new house with a dedicated ideal remote work destination.

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