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If I can be honest, there is one question I get over and over that I really don’t like to answer: How much do you charge per square foot?
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A New Custom Home is a Big Undertaking. A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way and Can Help You Gain Confidence for What Lies Ahead.
El Paso County and the Surrounding Area is Growing Fast in Colorado. People Come for its Natural Beauty, Affordability and Welcoming Environment.
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Since the beginning when Tiffany and I started Gowler Homes, it has been a dream of ours to have a physical space to bring our clients to which would showcase with who we are, our style and feel.
You need to know what this word means and the questions to ask your builder to ensure that you fully understand what is included in your home price and what potential unexpected costs you might incur during your build.
There are a few notable differences between purchasing an existing home and financing the construction of a custom home.
Use these general guidelines to help understand how much cash you’ll need if you plan to build a custom home!
There are many lenders who do a great job with construction loans, but here are our top construction lenders in the greater Colorado Springs and Monument areas.
There are three areas to budget for a custom home.
This checklist will help you gather all the information you need to make an informed land buying decision for your home site.