Kitchen cabinets have a commanding presence. As the most substantial component in the space, your cabinetry dictates the overall function and look of your Colorado kitchen, as well as your other design choices.

Making decisions about the size, quality, and type of cabinets for your kitchen is an important part of the design process, as it will influence what other features and materials you choose. You want your cabinets to provide the practical storage and prep space you require while also meeting your expectations of style, maintenance, and durability.

What Are Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2021?

One of the best ways to gain inspiration for your custom home kitchen in Colorado Springs is to explore new innovations and up-and-coming trends that appeal to other homeowners and increase the desirability of your house. Here is a look at what’s in style in 2021 when it comes to kitchen cabinetry:

1. Hidden Design

As part of a trend toward creating residential spaces that are minimalistic and uncluttered, homeowners are opting for a kitchen design that uses cabinetry as a concealing mechanism. For example, that means giving built-in appliances cabinetry panels on the front or using a door that resembles a kitchen cabinet for your pantry or other storage space. These simple choices result in a very cohesive, streamlined appearance that feels particularly contemporary and clean. Additionally, flat-panel kitchen cabinetry is on the rise, especially in lighter wood tones.

2. Oversized Lighting

As kitchen islands become a must-have feature for homeowners, they are being complemented with striking pendant lights that hang above them. Large island pendant lights often serve as a statement piece and focal point within your kitchen design, in addition to illuminating a key prep area. There are numerous styles to choose from, enabling you to find a piece that fits into your desired kitchen aesthetic.

3. Neutrals, Done Right

White kitchen cabinetry is timeless, and although its popularity ebbs and flows slightly over the years, it’s a style that’s here to stay. Meanwhile, wood cabinetry is enjoying a resurgence in kitchen design. However, instead of the honey-colored oak that dominated the 1990s, cooler colors—such as white oak—are in demand.

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4. Waterfall Islands

Another trendy item for your kitchen in Colorado Springs is a waterfall island. That’s when the countertop material drops down vertically from the top to the sides and connects to the floor for a beautiful cascading effect. Waterfall islands have a sleek, modern look, serving almost as sculptural objects for your luxury kitchen. With space below the countertop, you can still use the island as a sitting area, which is helpful as families move away from formal dining rooms and increasingly use their kitchen island as the main gathering space.

5. Moodier Color Palettes

Dark and moody kitchen palettes are giving the classic white kitchen look a run for its money. Rich greens, blues, and even black can be used to create a dramatic and sophisticated modern look or a warm, cozy traditional-style kitchen. The dark hues naturally add a sense of opulence to your space, especially when paired with natural stone and luscious wood elements.

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6. Solid Surface Backsplashes

In 2021, you are likely to see fewer backsplashes made from the conventional tile. Instead, there is a trend in home design toward solid surface backsplashes made from marble, concrete, stainless steel, sheet glass, or other materials. For example, one highly popular option is to run your quartz countertop up the wall in lieu of installing a traditional backsplash—a design choice that makes an elegantly simple statement. Additionally, darker countertops and concrete countertops will be more popular this year.

7. Large Veined Countertops

Quartz remains an attractive material for kitchen countertops in custom Colorado homes. It is available in an array of colors and styles, with varied markings and vein structures, but the trend in 2021 is to choose quartz that has large veining, such as Sequel Quartz’s Statuario Quartz or marble-inspired patterns. Homeowners are also choosing more and more white quartz—again, with large veining. It’s also worth noting that granite has been on the decline for several years, a downward trend that is expected to continue.

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8. Double Islands

You can increase versatile surface area and storage space within your kitchen by working with a design that utilizes double islands instead of just one. This allows you to choose islands designed for specific purposes. For example, in your two-island kitchen, one may be used primarily for food storage and preparation, while the other serves as a spot for eating, socializing, or doing homework. Additionally, tiered kitchen islands that step down toward a designated dining area can help you increase available seating to better host large gatherings and enable mingling between the two spaces.

9. Textured Tile

Make your kitchen more dimensional and dynamic by incorporating textured materials. There are numerous types of kitchen tiles that feature slight textures to bring depth and visual interest to your space. When combined with the perfect light wood cabinet, a textured tile backsplash can make your kitchen significantly more inviting.

Textured Tile Backsplash in Modern Colorado Custom Home Build by Gowler Homes

10. Stark Contrast

Another idea for your 2021 kitchen project is to incorporate stark contrasts by way of your cabinets and countertops. This striking two-tone scheme often pairs dark cabinetry with a lighter countertop, or vice versa, for a striking juxtaposition. For example, consider pairing black cabinetry with pale veined quartz or rich cherry with white marble.

Planning the Design for Your Colorado Springs Kitchen

When you’re designing the kitchen in your Colorado custom home, there are numerous decisions to make regarding each component and detail, from the cabinetry and countertops to the flooring, appliances, and color scheme. Working with a design-build team can help you navigate this process with ease and confidence. At Gowler Homes, our dedicated professionals will assist you with designing and building a kitchen for your custom home that is tailored to your family’s unique needs and routine, as well as your stylistic preferences.

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