At the start of a new year, it’s typical to take stock of various areas in your life and determine if you’re content with the way things are or if changes are needed. It’s also an appropriate time to apply the same approach to different parts of your Colorado house, such as the bathrooms.

Over the past year—or several years—your household may have changed in dramatic ways, making it so the quantity of bathrooms in your house or how they’re designed is no longer suitable for your current lifestyle needs. Maybe you need to make room for more family. Or maybe you simply want a new look to welcome a new year. Maybe you’re thinking about building a new home, and the bathrooms will be one of the more important parts of that new home’s design.

If you are looking into designing a custom home in Monument, Colorado Springs, Black Forest, Parker, Franktown, or Castle Rock, you have the chance to update certain elements for your new bathrooms or give them a total transformation to augment their function and aesthetic appeal for long-term use.

Ideas for Bathroom Design in Colorado Springs

There are several factors to consider when you’re planning a bathroom in the Colorado Springs area: your budget, timeline, and project goals and priorities, to name a few. However, it also doesn’t hurt to look into what’s trending and what features may increase the value of your project. As you compile ideas for your bathroom, here are a few of the top trends our design experts project for 2021 to use as inspiration:

1. Luxurious Stone Surfaces

Countertops composed of quartz or marble are popular options for the bathroom because they add a luxurious touch to the space while also scoring high for practicality. Quartz is non-porous and relatively easy to maintain, in addition to being stain- and scratch-resistant. Marble is also enjoying a resurgence as a lavish material that is available in a variety of colorings and markings. In 2021, large veining will be a desirable attribute, whether you select quartz or marble for your bathroom.

Luxurious Stone Surface in Beautiful Colorado Custom Home | Gowler Homes
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2. Wood for Natural Warmth

With all the tile, porcelain, and metal hardware found in bathrooms, it’s common to add in natural elements so the space doesn’t feel too sterile. You can make the atmosphere of your bathroom more inviting with warmer tones, such as rust red, caramel, and terracotta. Incorporating wood into your design is also an effective way to cultivate a welcoming environment. Combining natural woods featuring paler hues with light quartz countertops is a great design tip we’d recommend trying.

3. Minimalist Design

For your bathroom, think minimal. This trend utilizes crisp lines, an airy atmosphere, and the lack of superfluous décor to create a space that feels less cluttered and chaotic and more peaceful and relaxing. A few elements to consider for your minimalistic bathroom design include a pedestal or wall-mounted sink, reflective surfaces, neutral tones, and a clear, rimless glass shower door in lieu of curtains.

Minimalist Modern Colorado Bathroom with Standalone Tub and Walk-In Glass Shower and Private Toilet Area by Gowler Homes Custom Colorado Home Builders
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4. Gold Accents

Gold is also seeing a resurgence in 2021. There are various ways to integrate this popular finish into your bathroom design, whether through rose-gold metal tapware, a matte gold mirror frame, or glossy gold lights. Gold accents and hardware are a nice flair if you desire a more sophisticated atmosphere in your bathroom.

5. Mixing Metals

Gone are the days of taking a homogenous approach to incorporating metals in your bathroom. It’s time to mix your metals up. Depending on the design style of your space, you may blend a handful of options, such as gold, brass, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, or black. An eclectic combination adds personality to your bathroom.

6. Blend of Textures

Along with metals, homeowners are being more liberal when it comes to utilizing a range of textures within the bathroom. Each material—from wood and natural stone to metal, concrete, and leather—adds a distinct physical and visual texture to a bathroom design. Consider using neutral tiles that possess a timeless appeal and then bringing in fun, interesting accents through your cabinet hardware or lighting selections. You can also create visual texture in your bathroom by incorporating dark accent tiles and geometric tiles.

7. Pops of Dark Hues

White bathrooms have a classic appeal that is unlikely to fade any time soon, and wood materials enjoy a similar timeless popularity. As a complement to these components, homeowners are trending toward including pops of dark, bold colors in the design. Choosing a dark hue for your standalone bathtub, sink basin, furniture or flooring evokes a sense of drama and chic edginess that is popular in modern bathrooms.

Pops of Dark Hues in Mountain Modern Colorado Custom Home by Gowler Homes Custom Home Builders
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8. Get Creative with Bathroom Tile

In the new year, we think you can expect the use of accent tiles in the shower to be less prominent. Instead, consider changing up the look of your bathroom by choosing a creative pattern for your tilework. Even a classic option like subway tile is given fresh appeal when installed in a herringbone or square basket weave pattern.

9. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves enable you to make the most of the available space in your bathroom. They can serve as storage for toiletries and personal accessories or display simple décor, like small potted plants and candles. Open shelving is especially appropriate for a smaller bathroom, as it feels less cumbersome and constricting than full-sized cabinetry. Choosing an additional wood tone for your floating shelf that complements the wood of your vanity is an easy way to further warm up the space.

Floating Shelves in Beautiful Mountain Modern Colorado Custom Home by Gowler Home
Get more inspiration from this project, ‘Mountain Modern’

10. Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Your bathroom mirror provides a simple solution for adding texture to your design. Thin-framed metal or wood mirrors are increasing in popularity this year. For a more personalized space, choose a one-of-a-kind mirror, such as a repurposed mirror taken from an antique wood vanity or a mirror designed to look like a windowpane.

Designing Your Bathroom in Colorado Springs

Planning the design of your bathroom in a meaningful way that provides residual value to your family requires careful planning and design, along with superior craftsmanship. At Gowler Homes, we provide both design and construction services to make the process of designing and building your bathroom in Colorado Springs or the surrounding area smooth, seamless, and highly rewarding, both now and for years to come.

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