John Lynn


John was born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas, but always dreamed of living in Colorado. He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and got his start managing generator interconnection projects for a major utility. John started his career with Gowler Homes as a Field Assistant and quickly showed his skillset and attention to detail. John was promoted to Superintendent and is doing an amazing job in his role!

He has always loved building things and working with his hands; after moving to Colorado Springs in 2018 he started a business focused on home renovation projects and custom woodworking. In joining the Gowler Homes team as the Construction Field Assistant he brings attention to detail and experience in project management and interior finish work to help keep projects on track in the field.

John enjoys all things outdoors including camping, hunting, fishing, and mountain biking. He’s passionate about electronics and uses his musical experience to build amplifiers and guitar effects pedals while he’s not working in the wood shop. Most importantly, he loves spending time at home with his wife and newborn son!