Andrea Gregory

Operations Manager

Andrea is a Colorado native and is proud to be raising her own family where she has deep roots.  She grew up in the construction industry with both grandfathers, father, brothers and ultimately her husband all in various trades.  Naturally, she can’t imagine being a part of any other profession.

She brings an exemplary level of organization, process implementation and attention to detail to her role.  In day to day tasks, no small amount of joy is achieved from overseeing a project smoothly through the whole process, oversight in systems, budgeting, scheduling, reporting and other administrative aspects. Without hesitation, she is a perfectionist who is always striving to achieve better!

On the weekends, she loves spending time with her three children and their varying interests.  It’s amazing to have a teen daughter who loves shopping, a pre-teen son to cheer on at sports, and a “baby” girl of the family who is growing up way too fast and is incredibly independent.  When the never-ending laundry allows, she has a knack for baking (because it’s completely normal to watch Cake Boss and start cake baking to extremes!).